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AWR 347 Climate Adaptation Planning for Emergency Management
Course Description:
Building awareness of future climate hazards and impacts that the emergency services sector may face is very important. This course helps emergency services and the community better prepare for the climate adaptations necessary and systems vulnerabilities that may occur from hazard impacts. Participants will be able to describe the principles of climate adaptation planning for emergency management and existing first response processes and will be able to discuss the impact of weather on critical infrastructure and key resources while explaining the concurrent effects of climate change on those impacts. Participants will also gain an understanding of how to identify and apply adaptation strategies to address local emergency services sector vulnerabilities. The course is also designed to provide opportunities for participants to learn about various resources that can be used to implement local climate adaptation strategies in their communities.
Course Prerequisites:
Course Target Audience:
Emergency Managment, First Responders, Government Administrative, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire Services (FS), Private Sector/Corporate Security/Safety, Public Works Public Health, Citizen/Community Volunteer, Law Enforcement, Non-Government Organizations
Additional Information:
1) This is a virtual offering from NDPTC, follow the registration link below.
Event Dates:
12/6/2023 through 12/7/2023
Event Time:
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM each day
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