The goal of the HSEMD training program is to prepare those involved in emergency management to effectively protect, prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from all hazards.

The program provides training to enhance core emergency management capabilities of local emergency management coordinators, fire department, law enforcement, EMS, public officials, public works, schools, hospitals, volunteers, business and industry personnel, and others in the emergency management field.

Training needs are identified annually by assessing current emergency management capabilities at the local and state level. Capability gaps are identified and prioritized, then training is provided to address those gaps. The HSEMD training program utilizes federal, state and local resources to provide quality training in Iowa.

  • HSEMD Conference 2015, Des Moines

  • Enhanced Sports and Special Events Incident Management, Des Moines

  • Sport Event Risk Management, Iowa City

  • Capital Complex Fire Evacuation Drill

  • ICS 300, Mount Pleasant